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Hi Future Nurse practitioners, I applied to UFL for Fall 2013 admission to the BSN to DNP program. Has anyone else applied? I applied to the Family Nurse Practiotioner program there. I would... Read More

  1. by   nurseprofile123
    Hey all! I applied to the women's health/nurse midwife track. I called earlier and they said they are hoping to send letters out next week.
  2. by   nursebugg
    I called on Thursday and she said we would be notified via email
  3. by   Jennrn914
    Notified of when the letters went out via email? Or notified if we were accepted via email?
  4. by   nursebugg
    She told me acceptance and denials would be given to us through email...I'm not 100% on whether or not that's correct but that's what she told me lol she also said they were still "making decisions" at the time I called last Wednesday
  5. by   keisha e
    @nursebugg I worked at memorial years ago when I lived in Hollywood. I live in Jacksonville now.
  6. by   keisha e
    I was told letters will be sent this week. Dies it mean you didn't get in if there was not letter received?I didn't get anything and I checked daily. Maybe something will be here next week. So what color envelope delivers the good news and which one delivers the not so good news?
  7. by   Jennrn914
    I haven't gotten anything, but whether we get in or not they have to tell us so we should have heard. Usually the big envelope is good news and the small envelope is not so good news, but who knows. I just hope they mail the letters out this week so we can move forward whether we got in or not....and make arrangements to be there orientation hopefully!
  8. by   keisha e
    Ok I will post here if I get anything by this week.
  9. by   nursebugg
    I agree I feel like this is being dragged on lol
  10. by   nurseprofile123
    It's taking all that I have not to call them every day, haha.
  11. by   mallorymstewart
    I found out on Monday through email!
  12. by   nurseprofile123
    What track did you apply to? Was it your UF email or the one you put on your application?
  13. by   SeekirRN
    Congrats [COLOR=#003366]mallorymstewart! What BSN-DNP track will you be doing? I applied to the BSN-DNP for PNP. I still have not received an email with acceptance/denial. You have given me hope that this just might be the week for all of us!