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Skype Interview Anyone?

  1. 0 Has anyone ever done Skype interview for BSN-DNP? I was just wondering the type of questions will be asking and what I need to do to prepare for it. Thanks so much!
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    If you don't mind me asking are you interviewing at Loyola in New Orleans? I am doing a Skype interview with them and I am wondering the same thing.
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    Yes I am! I guess we are going through the same process. What do you think of it thus far?
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    So far so good. We have been offered interviews so that's good. I don't know if they interview everyone or just certain people. This is the first grad school I have applied to. I just recently moved to LA(we are Military) like a month ago and my goal is to finish grad school by the time we retire from the military so I hope this works out. Have you applied anywhere else? Do you live in LA?
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    I attend Loyola and we were all interviewed via Skype. It was basic questions about why you wanted to be part of the program.
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    I applied to USA but didn't get accepted so this will be a second school. If somehow I don't make it through I will take a little break and work a little while before try again. The process for this program is quite exhausting.
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    Wondering if anyone has applied to Duke University's DNP?
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    My interview is today in a couple of hours. I have heard they were basic questions, nothing you can really prep for. Wish me luck! Good luck to ya'll too
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    My interview is also today in a few hours I know they will ask basic questions but I am still a little nervous. I haven't seen much info about he program I am assuming because it recently changed format (BSN-DNP) so it is always good so see fellow applicants. Good Luck to you and everyone!!
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    I am nervous too, really exciting:/
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    ...And now the wait begins!
    Just finished my skype interview. It wasnt so bad once I started talking.Questions were very basic. So far this is the only school that I have applied for so I hope it works out (and i don't have to do any more!)

    JayTeeRN are you in Louisiana or another state?
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    So true! Hope we get in. The wait is gonna be nerve wrecking
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    @dnt8178, I am in Texas. R u in Louisiana?