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Help deciding which school is best

  1. 0 Hi all,
    I am planning on starting my Pediatric DNP in Fall 2013. So far I have narrowed my school choice down to the University of South Alabama and the University of Florida. I live in Orlando and will be commuting to UF if that's where I choose and doing USA all online. Of course these are two very different options but I would really love some help deciding which is best. Here's the pros and cons I see:

    1. UF chooses your preceptors/clinicals where as USA has you chose your own (I see this as a pro/con for each)
    2. UF has more of a prestigious name but may be more work but may prepare me better.
    3. Price isn't really a huge difference

    Any information on either of these programs or insight/guidance on to what would be the best decision would be great appreciated!

    PS I have to decide in the next week haha but thank you for your help!
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    Not sure about those schools, but congrats on making this far.