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DNP preceptorships

  1. 0 This question is for nurses currently in DNP programs.

    I am currently in a DNP program that is fairly new...not yet accrediated. I am having a problem. My place of employment will not allow me to do my practicum there. How do I go to other facilities to ask to use their facility? The problem I am focusing on was ideal to my facility but may not be for another facility. The accreditation process/survey was done last month but an answer is not expected until Spring 2013. This will delay me... I don't mind going somewhere else, but just don't know how to start the process. I am interested in doing my practicum on case management, length of stay and re-admissions, retrospectively......... HELP!
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    What about contacting your states APN organization? If you are already an APN what about some prior preceptor?