Anyone applying to the UFL Fall 2013 BSN-DNP program

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    Hi Future Nurse practitioners,

    I applied to UFL for Fall 2013 admission to the BSN to DNP program. Has anyone else applied?

    I applied to the Family Nurse Practiotioner program there. I would love to hear some feedback from others.
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    I have applied as well! The deadline was this past Friday so its time to start checking the mail daily! Have you heard anything from the CON at all?
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    Awesome FLDNP. I have not heard anything back as yet. I hope I have been accepted though and I do not think I will hear back until the end of April though. Have you heard anything?
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    I applied...haven't heard anything...but I did receive an email saying they received all my documents and I should expect a letter end of April early may....but I'm really hoping its sooner than that
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    Oh thats great they emailed you. I sent everything and they told me they got everything and will know something (accepted/rejected) by the end of April. I hope we all get in. Im waiting with abated breath checking my email daily
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    @Jennrn914 What Track did you apply for?
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    @FLDNP What track did you apply for?
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    Pediatric acute care np....its the first semester they're offering it so I figure they'll either get an overwhelming amount of applications or very few..anyone else apply to that track?
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    I applied to the Family Nurse Practitioner track even though I work in an acute care setting.
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    Hey guys! I applied for the adult track. I believe we should receive letters in the mail around the end of April or first of May! How was your application process?