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Hi Future Nurse practitioners, I applied to UFL for Fall 2013 admission to the BSN to DNP program. Has anyone else applied? I applied to the Family Nurse Practiotioner program there. I would love to hear some feedback from... Read More

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    So nothing from ufl so I guess I didn't get in but I got accepted at two other places.congrats to everyone!

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    Hey everyone! First congrats on everyone's acceptance, it gives me hope lol! I'm interested in applying to the UFL program and i'm doubting myself in advance So I was wondering if everyone could just share some of their stats; GRE scores, GPA, years and type of experience and any other important tidbits that might help. Thanks in advance!
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    Dont doubt yourself! Shoot for the stars! My GRE scores weren't the best - 150's in both sections (quantitative and verbal). I had a 3.6 cumulative GPA and 3.9 BSN GPA. I am a new BSN graduate so no real licensed experience yet (I plan to work PRN through the program). If you have no experience thats no big deal, they usually accept 50% experienced and 50% non experienced if they have the applicants who qualify. As far as any tidbits, I honestly believe that relationships and communication with the CON staff can help, at least they have seen your name before and have had communication with you which shows your interest. Start studying for the GRE early and don't put it off. Vocabulary is what I struggled with so start memorizing early! Good Luck to you!
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    Hey guys, shall we start a Facebook group?
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    Quote from FLDNP
    Hey guys, shall we start a Facebook group?
    I think that would be a good idea!
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    That would be awesome!
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    Quote from nursebugg

    I think that would be a good idea!
    Hey! Did anyone ever start a fb group?
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    Did you see your degree plan on ISIS and not get in? I am just wondering. I applied for 2014 and am waiting to hear back.
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    I didnt get in to UFL but I got in to 3 other programs including FSU. I decided to go to Maryville because the schedule worked for me and I needed to be able to work as well.
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    Hi Ladies,

    I am already halfway through my FNP program OMG! How is everyone doing? Let me know how its going I look forward to hearing from you.

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