Anyone applying to the UFL Fall 2013 BSN-DNP program - page 7

Hi Future Nurse practitioners, I applied to UFL for Fall 2013 admission to the BSN to DNP program. Has anyone else applied? I applied to the Family Nurse Practiotioner program there. I would... Read More

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    Yay for everyone who got in I'm still waiting. Nothing yet ;(
    Last edit by keisha e on May 10, '13

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    I got in too! Yay!!
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    Congrats @nursebugg!!!! Did you get the email today? Or yesterday?
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    Congrats @nursebugg yaay!
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    I got my e-mail on Friday & I got accepted as well! I had called the CON yesterday morning (Friday) and was told that all e-mails was in the process of being sent out and everyone would know in the next couple of days. CONGRATS to everyone else who has heard as well!
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    I got the email late friday
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    Congrats @FLDNP!

    @keisha e : Have you heard anything from Florida today? Did you get an acceptance/denial letter? I've tried emailing and calling to no avail. Still waiting, which I don't take as a good sign.
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    No I did not hear anything but I will see if I get a letter by this Friday. If I get nothing them I will assume the worst.
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    Whatever happens, don't let it bother you!
    PS Apply somewhere else ASAP! Don't waste any time, and good luck!
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    Thank you . I applied to 2 other places as well and got into 1 but I wanted to see if I could do my DNP since the program I got in is a msn

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