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Some nurses believe that it is nurses' moral obligation to get a flu shot to show community an example to do what is right. And that is exactly the reason why I always refuse a flu shot - to be an... Read More

  1. by   kcochrane
    Quote from Steve123
    The problem is that flu shot does not guarantee immunity. What it does guarantee is a dose of mercury. I am selfish too, I do not want mercury in my body.
    To each his own. I am 50 and have gotten the flu vaccine since I was in the military. I continued when I had children since one of my children had asthma aggrivated by any virus. I have had every vaccine there is. I have had the small pox vaccine twice. I am old enough to remember some of the diseases before vaccines. I am an only child because my mother was exposed to ruebella and miscarred at 6 months. All five of my children are fully vaccinated. Maybe its not 100%, no vaccine is. But I will take what I can to keep me healthy and able to show up to work everyday. I guess the mecury has not effected me, but maybe I'm special. The single use flu vaccines and the live virus version contain no mercury, so I guess you need to just stick with believing it isn't effective enough.