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    . . . the public is . . . more likely to infect our patients when visiting than we do. . . . How many times have you seen a visitor go into a isolation room without even gowning up or washing their hands? I bet you more times not.

    I believe some ICUs and hospital are now restricting visitors, especially children and teenagers under 14-18 years old. I do agree that if there are strong concerns about transmission of infections within a hospital setting, then visitors should be held to the same hygiene and protection standards as the staff.
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    Q. How can healthcare facilities limit movement of visitors?

    Visitors who have been in contact with the patient before and during hospitalization are a possible source of influenza for other patients, visitors, and staff. Healthcare facilities may wish to limit visitors to persons who are necessary for the patient's emotional well-being and care. Visitors should be screened for symptoms of acute respiratory illness before entering the hospital. Visitors should be instructed to limit their movement within the facility. Before entering the patient's room, healthcare personnel should instruct visitors on hand hygiene, limiting surfaces touched, and use of personal protective equipment (PPE) according to current facility policy while in the patient's room.