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Well, I went against all my initial outrage against the mandatory flu shots, and I got the seasonal live vaccine (nasal spray on Tuesday). This left me with a sore throat and runny nose, and very fatigued for 3-4 days. I... Read More

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    Of course that said, we have had many call in with the flu too. And really one can't be out just one day. You call in with a temp one day - we have to be 24 hours fever free. So if you call in one day with fever-chances are the next day it still will be less than those 24 hours....! We now will have to float in some capacity to all units...until March. This bugs me because I will be covering ill calls for people who refuse the shot-without educating themselves. Some have very good reasons for refusing but most jump on the 'Its a new vaccine-I don't want it" bandwagon without researching it for themselves-that is all I want-look up the info....I don't want to cover your shift people!

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    Quote from lamazeteacher
    The flu-mist vaccination has "attenuated" (half dead) flu virus in it, while the injected vaccine has all dead virus in it. There is the possibility that live virus can be "shed" for up to a week after it is given, which is why those who are caregivers of infant(s) under 6 months of age and health care workers (HCWs), as well as those who are immunocompromised, are to be given the injectable vaccine.

    I strongly believe that the person who reported having a sore throat with subsequent rhinitis, following the injection of seasonal flu vaccine, must have been incubating the "flu" before getting the injection. my:
    That's my point, though -- the OP is linking her H1N1 shot - the killed virus - to her subsequent symptoms -- which just isn't a valid link since the killed virus cannot cause an infection... simply can't.

    My kid has some health issues so we opted out of the attenuated virus but the result is that she needs a second injection in order to be fully immunized... another 2-hour drive and 2-hour line.
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    Quote from Sonia,RN

    I went against all my initial outrage against the mandatory flu shots, and I got the seasonal live vaccine (nasal spray on Tuesday). This left me with a sore throat and runny nose, and very fatigued for 3-4 days. I understand these are within normal limits for the 10% of the population that is supposed to experience side effects. On Friday, I came back to work, and the H1N1 vaccine had just hit our floors. Only 300 doses were available and they were going fast. We had to decide on the spot, and I decided to get the shot.

    The shot didn't hurt, though I began to ache as the evening wore on. I was scheduled to work the weekend, and our managers throw a fit if anyone calls out, so I didn't even think about it. I woke up with a strong cough, and a bronchitis-like feeling of inflammation in my lungs, plus I was coughing up yellow stuff. Also there was a severe headache and body aches. That's all, but enough to make one miserable through a 12 hour shift in the ICU/CCU. I could tell that my patient care definitely suffered, as I did not have time for any of the extras. So on Sunday (today) I called out, let the chips fall where they may.

    I am still in bed as I write this; the aches are mostly gone, but I definitely have bronchitis and will need to stay in for a few days (I tend toward repeat bronchitis with any cold or infection, though I am rarely ill).

    This seems to me a very severe side effect grouping from a shot that is supposed to prevent the flu. Why then, did I get the first flu vaccines of my life, shots I have spoken out against on this forum, without fighting administration?

    The answer is what I have seen hit our floors in the past few weeks. Young people in their 30s and 40s are dying of ARDS and necrotizing, mysterious pneumonias, and all of them started with H1N1-like symptoms. These people are very sick and though they have co-morbidities, it is highly unusual to see people like them, without a history of chronic hospitalizations, become so ill, while being so young. We have lost a few already. Others are still fighting for their lives. And it's only October. The probability of being exposed to it in my line of work is very high. And we don't know if the virus will change in any way during the winter. If it did, I imagine those who got the shot would still have partial immunity, just as those in 1918 who got the spring flu never came down with the deadly winter version.

    More importantly, I don't want to be the one responsible for giving a patient this virus and then watch them deteriorate.

    So is the vaccine safe? Probably, though not exactly harmless. From those who I've talked to, it seems like the percentage of side effects is closer to 30 than 10. And my personal opinion is that those who have reactions are more likely to be those who, like me, and some of our foreign residents, have 1. never had the flu vaccine and 2. were raised on a diet and in an environment relatively free of additives and chemicals. So our reactions are stronger. Of course I have absolutely no research to back this up with.

    Thoughts? Opinions?


    My two daughters took the live H1N1 flumist as well. No problems from the older one. The day after the vaccine my youngest developed fever, sore throat, cough, and wheezing in her lungs. On thursday our pediatrician started her on tamiflu. On friday she started zithromax. This vaccine indeed has side effects. I beat myself up over giving it to her but my husband raises the same flip side you is better than getting the full blown flu. I know she is ill from the vaccine because we home school and she was only around us--none of us were sick. Her symptoms started the day after the vaccine. I hope you feel better!
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    It is possible you got it at work and were asymptomatic and passed it on to her two weeks ago. That is the time space between our family passing it around to each other. Hardto say...I am still thankful I was able to even get both vaxs.
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    I had the H1N1 nasal mist last Wednesday at school. We did not have the option of the vaccine unless we were over 50 or worked with severly compromised patients. I've been a bit under the weather for the ths past few days with general body aches, runny nose and some gi discomfort. But I'll take that over what I could have.

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