Swine Herds Being Vaccinated for H1N1

  1. Quote from www.vetsweb.com
    The only swine vaccine available for the H1N1 virus has been sent to vaccinate a swine herd infected with the virus. The vaccination marks the first time vaccine has been sent to a swine herd diagnosed with the pandemic flu.

    Iowa State University's Hank Harris, professor of animal science, developed the vaccine this summer and has been shipping preventive doses to swine producers in Iowa, Kansas and Illinois for several weeks.

    The latest vaccines were shipped to a swine producer in Indiana that had H1N1 diagnosed in the herd. "This is the first time we've had a confirmed diagnosis and the farmer wanted to vaccinate," said Harris. "We shipped about 20,000 with about another 11,000 doses to go out to them later."
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    More at: http://www.vetsweb.com/news/h1n1-vac...swine-709.html
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