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Hello, Iím a pre-nursing student who has a few questions about influenza vaccination for a class assignment. What are the reasons for reluctancy of receiving the influenza vaccination by nurses and nurse assistants? ... Read More

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    you said:
    Everyone has the right to refuse to get vaccinations. But the rest of us have the right to be protected from those that refuse. If it means isolating you or restricting your ability to work, that goes with your exercising your 'right'.
    If you have exercised your right to "protect" yourself with vaccines why would you need to isolate me or restrict me from work to "protect" yourself from me?
    and you said:
    For those that refuse various vaccinations, for themselves or their children, I pray you donot get any of these illness. And if you do, I pray that I don't come in contact with you, I don't want to take the chance of getting sick. I suffer from several chronic disease and am quite careful about exposures.
    Why are you afraid of "exposures" to what you are vaccinated against?? Aren't those vaccines going to protect you?

    I am praying that you will be willing to learn the truth about this dirty Bu$ine$$ of vaccination. The history of it is available to all who are WILLING to see it.
    You can find a lot of information about that and some TRUE HELP for you with your chronic diseases at these [and many other] websites:

    God bless!

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    rawmamaw --

    Why did you dredge up this old thread to make your first post here at allnurses?

    Is it to promote the links to anti-vaccine rhetoric on the two sites?

    As I noted in another thread in post #110, I am certainly willing to consider alternative points of view if they are backed up with some scientific data. Conspiracy theories about vaccination don't cut it as any kind of proof.

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