PA Nurses Assoc. position statement: Voluntary Influenza Vaccination

  1. 0 Voluntary Influenza Vaccination of Health Care Personnel

    Background: The 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic emphasized the need for annual influenza vaccinations of healthcare personnel (HCP) in all settings...

    PA State Nurses Association Position: The PA State Nurses Association (PSNA) supports the American Nurses Association's (ANA) position for implementing aggressive and comprehensive influenza vaccination programs for HCP that aim for 100 percent vaccination rates, but which also provide refusal due to medical, religious or philosophical reasons, requiring completion of a signed declination form. Furthermore, PSNA supports the elimination of barriers to voluntary vaccination of HCP, believing that a signed declination could lead to higher vaccination rates without having to mandate.

    Rationale: PSNA supports voluntary annual influenza vaccination of HCP as a viable measure for protecting both patients and workers, while respecting individual autonomy and beliefs. When barriers to voluntary vaccination have been ascertained and multifaceted programs initiated, along with signed declination statements, vaccination rates have increased.

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