New York Times: Reassessing Flu Shots

  1. Hi folks, I just ran across this article today and wanted to share it here with you all. I think it's very interesting that even the main stream media is raising legitimate questions, not just fringe/"quack" sites.
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  3. by   morte
    I am be good....really I am......
  4. by   Anna Flaxis
    LOL! Did you read the report? There's a link to it in the article.
  5. by   morte
    ?? I was being.......somewhat childish......but what link to what? I did click on your link and read the article. now i must go back and try to figure out what you
    Quote from ~*Stargazer*~
    LOL! Did you read the report? There's a link to it in the article.
    ah, no, 160 pages when set side to side like that would be a pain in the tuccus (sp). Did read a little. So, their point is to continue to improve,, that is a good thing? Maybe...
    The cold hearted truth is that vaccination serves the individual, not the species.
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  6. by   Anna Flaxis
    Just skip to page 127.
  7. by   olddragger
    I wonder what happens next?
    The true "facts" are starting to come out and their ramifications will be interesting.
    To tell you the truth I am beginning to loose faith in the health care profession. There are too many "others" directing what we know we need to do, yet, we don't take a stand. This mandatory flu vaccination is but one example.
  8. by   morte
    Quote from ~*Stargazer*~
    Just skip to page 127.
    thanks, by the way. I did. so they are pro vaccine, but see need for improvement, and won't acknowledge any problems with it....
  9. by   Anna Flaxis
    I'm not sure what you mean.