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I was wondering if any of my fellow nurses have left their place of employment because of mandated flu vaccination? If you have left, what and where did you go to work? I am very aware of the the statics for and and against the... Read More

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    Quote from olddragger
    I have come to realize that we as nurses, will never change this mandatory influenza vaccination policy that has been basically mandated through threaten reduction of Medicare/medicaid reimbursement.

    Unless you work for an organization that is unionized then there is not much you can do to change that policy. How we feel about it doesn't really matter to the hospitals I am personally familiar with. My ex employee is a 1.5 billion dollar per year facility. CMS threatens a reimbursement reduction of 2% if 90% vaccination rate has not been obtained. 2% of 1.5 billion is about 37 million dollars. This is a very simplistic example of course.Hospital reimbursement is much more complicated and variable than I care to get into here.

    So it really doesnt matter if the flu shot works, whether it does cause problems, or if you are not in agreement with it.
    You either take it or you don't work there. Period.

    I choose to quit. Good luck to those that choose to stay.
    OD out
    Yes and I quit nursing school over it. To me, I question the safety and necessity. Above that, it is the principle of the thing. If hospitals and clinics were REALLY concerned about "the safety of the patient" this would have been mandatory long ago. But only now, that it is connected to reimbursement dollars, is the "safety of the patient" suddenly so important.
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    I totally agree. Our own State nurses association is not in favor of mandatory vaccinations. Most individuals I have spoken too are not in favor of making vaccinations mandatory. This includes many Dr's Nurses and administrators.

    The mandatory flu shot is the issue that drew the line in the sand for me. IMHO the quality of health care is becoming more and more irrational as time goes by. For all nurses I beg you to pause for a minute and think about what 'concessions" we have to endure. The inappropriate medical treatments and procedures we have witnessed. The wasteful "policies" we have had to work under. ETC
    I apologize--I dont want to thread jack this thread with all that, but this mandatory flu vaccination is just another example of a health care bureaucracy that is out of control.
    All I can do is to present my point of view whenever the opportunity allows me. I will also try to remain up to date on the issue. I do realize I could be wrong as new findings are being reveled frequently, but I don't think I am.
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    My school just reimbursed my costs for school since I was required to get the flu shot or leave. I am happy they reimbursed me and they are supposed to have some discussions about this at the school now too. I am not happy about the whole situation. I feel like an ant trying to knock over a wall, but at least I have done my part. I am semi-happy.

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