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Tracking Bird Flu Cases Bird flu deserves its own thread for tracking suspected and confirmed cases. It's not the pandemic virus, but it is still an ongoing and significant threat because of its virulence. As Margaret Chan,... Read More

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    FluTrackers - View Single Post - Egypt - Confirms 2 Bird Flu Cases, #117 #118, 1 fatality

    Quote from www.flutrackers.com
    His official spokesman of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Abdel Rahman Shahin, the discovery of two new cases of bird flu.

    Shaheen explained in a statement Saturday that the first case of a woman at the age of 25 years, from Qena province and died on December 29, 2010, the second man at the age of 27 years of Ismailia, which is under treatment at a hospital in Ismailia and stable condition.

    This brings the number of cases to 118 cases and 39 cases the number of deaths since the onset of the disease in Egypt in 2006 until now.

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    South Korea

    S. Korea Confirms H5N1 On Two Poultry Farms

    Quote from afludiary.blogspot.com
    In a story we’ve been following for several days, last night officials announced that two poultry farms located in different parts of South Korea have tested positive for the highly pathogenic H5N1 bird flu virus.

    Culling is reportedly complete at a duck farm in Cheonan and a poultry farm in Iksan City. Both farms remain under quarantine, and movements of vehicles and people are restricted.

    During their last H5N1 outbreak in April-May 2008, South Korea waged a month-long, very expensive battle to contain the virus that resulted in the culling of more than 8 million birds.
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    A Summary of Human H5N1 Cases in 2010

    FluTrackers - View Single Post - A Summary of Human H5N1 Cases in 2010

    Laidback Al always does great charts, summaries, and analysis.

    Quote from www.flutrackers.com
    In 2010, while the pH1N1 virus continued to infect people and be the focus of influenza news stories, human H5N1 infections continued to be identified in several countries. As discussed below, the virulence based on confirmed case has not declined and the potential for an H5N1 pandemic has not diminished.


    H5N1 avian influenza (“Bird Flu”) is an internationally reportable disease. Since 2003 until December 29, 2010, the World Health Organization (WHO) has reported a total of 512 confirmed human cases of H5N1 (link). The 18 cases associated with the initial human outbreak of H5N1 in Hong Kong in 1997 are not included in the official WHO totals (link). WHO provides a current time line of significant events associated with the H5N1 virus (link).

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    Japan's Bird Flu Dilemna

    Japans Bird Flu Dilemma

    My guess is that they will cull these birds though they cannot destroy all of this species. They cannot let the sick infect the others. Now if this was Korea, probably all would be exterminated...

    Quote from afludiary.blogspot.com
    Over the past several weeks a small number of relatively rare, threatened, and legally protected Hooded Cranes have turned up carrying the H5N1 virus at the national wildlife reserve in Izumi City, Kagoshima Prefecture (see Japan: 5 Hooded Cranes Test Positive For H5N1).

    Of the roughly 10,000 Hooded Cranes in the world, roughly 80% are believed to over-winter in Izumi City.

    ...when the birds in question are a legally protected species, about all wildlife authorities can do is to try to separate sick or enfeebled birds from the rest of the population . . . . and hope the infection dies out.

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    egypt: moh announces bird flu case #119

    Quote from afludiary.blogspot.com
    advertise acanutorabd rahman shahin, official spokesman of the ministry of health for the death case of bird flu virus to a man at the age of 40 years from the province of dakahlia.

    shaheen explained that bringing the total number of cases of the disease in egypt, 119 cases and 40 deaths since the onset of the disease in egypt in 2006, pointing out that this is the first death the disease in 2011.

    this is the sixth human h5n1 infection reported by egyptian officials in the past 3 weeks.
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    Egypt - H5N1 Case Number 120 . . .

    For those of you who are keeping score, WHO just confirmed the first case of H5N1 in Egypt in 2011, case #120. With this case, Egypt surpasses Viet Nam in human H5N1 cases. Only Indonesia with 171 confirmed cases, has had a higher number of H5N1 infections than Egypt.

    Avian influenza - situation in Egypt - update 41

    13 January 2011 - The Ministry of Health of Egypt has announced a new case of human infection of H5N1 avian influenza. A 10-year-old male from Giza Governorate, developed symptoms on 5 January and was hospitalized on 8 January. He is in a stable condition.
    Investigations into the source of infection indicated that the case had exposure to poultry.
    The case was confirmed by the Egyptian Central Public Health Laboratories, a National Influenza Center of the WHO Global Influenza Surveillance Network (GISN).
    Of the 120 cases confirmed to date in Egypt, 40 have been fatal.
    WHO | Avian influenza - situation in Egypt - update 41
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    Alexandria, Egypt - Case #121


    Another toddler infected who should be OK. For some unknown reason, the toddlers seem to survive while the adults usually die of H5N1 in Egypt.

    Quote from hygimia69.blogspot.com
    Dr. Abdel Rahman Shahin - Spokesman for the Ministry of Health - that today announced the discovery of new human case of bird flu.

    A child at the age of one and a half of the province of Alexandria, and this situation is the case number (121) since the onset of the disease in Egypt in March 2006.

    He pointed out that the child has entered a hospital in Alexandria which is suffering from high fever, cough, runny, and febrile convulsion, and that after being exposed to domestic birds (chicken - duck - Oz) lookalike of being infected with bird flu, has been given Tamiflu as soon as suspicion and his health condition is now stable.
    (hat tip Avian Flu Diary)
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    Miyazaki, Japan


    Quote from www.nst.com.my
    Japan began slaughtering some 10,000 chickens today at a poultry farm in western Miyazaki prefecture in a bid to contain an outbreak of bird flu, the local government said.

    Officials in the prefecture, 900 kilometres (560 miles) southwest of Tokyo, said 36 chickens were found dead on Friday at the poultry farm.

    In an effort to prevent a larger outbreak, the local government decided to slaughter all the chickens at the farm while setting up 20 checkpoints for disinfection and banned any movement of chickens within 10 kilometres.
    (hat tip crofsblog)
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    hong kong


    Quote from crofsblogs.typepad.com
    a dead large-billed crow found in tai o, lantau island of hong kong was confirmed to be h5n1 virus positive, a spokesman for the city's agriculture, fisheries and conservation department said on friday.

    the spokesman said the large-billed crow is a common resident bird in hong kong and there were no poultry farms within three kilometers of where the dead bird was found.

    according to an oie report i've just received, two h5n1-positive birds were found on successive days.
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    Fukushima, Japan


    Quote from mdn.mainichi.jp
    Highly pathogenic H5N1 bird flu has been detected in the corpses of two migratory wild ducks found at a reservoir here, prefectural authorities announced on Jan. 19.

    From Jan. 4 to Jan. 10, the prefecture gathered seven bird corpses from the reservoir and sent them for testing at the National Institute for Environmental Studies in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture. Four of the corpses tested positive for Type-A influenza, and further investigation at Hokkaido University in Sapporo found that two had the highly pathogenic H5N1 bird flu. The other two are still being investigated.

    The prefecture set up a response center on Jan. 19 and on the morning of Jan. 20 began sending inspectors clad in protective suits to 59 poultry farms in a 10-kilometer radius area under supervision that includes neighboring towns. The inspectors are interviewing farmers, looking for signs of contagion such as changes in the death or egg-laying rates of chickens, and checking that farms have anti-contagion measures in place such as nets to keep out wild birds and supplies of disinfectant on hand.
    (hat tip crofsblog)

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