H1N1 Flu

  1. I find it very odd that the typical 'swine flu' seems to have mutated into a few variations, that there are two types of "vaccine" one which is the deadened vaccination and the life virus nasal injection (of which I've known doctors to have gotten the swine flu weeks after recieving it), and a lot of worry over spread of it. Yet we're not watching and preventing spread in places we could help prevent it. Ever think of airports and airplanes? They filter the air but wind up using the same air which particals could disperse by. They never take temperatures before boarding the plane. The first few days of contamination the person may feel 'ok' or 'chilly' not knowing they are sick. With the holiday and a lot of people depending on air travel, especially since ticket prices are way down from last year its a wonder we're not going to get sicker.
    Another is pushing the issue of masks worn by possibly contagious patients. I've seen so many people come to the doctors coughing, not washing their hands, not covering their mouths, then complain in worry when the doctor has the sniffles. I don't think the public understands the importance of preventing contamination that may start with them.
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