Flu Season Hits Country Hard, 18 States Reach Epidemic Levels

  1. 0 Flu Season Hits Country Hard, 18 States Reach Epidemic Levels

    Flu seen in 41 states. More than 2,200 people in the hospital. 18 children have died and this season is just getting started.
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    Thank you for posting this news as it represents a huge part of the overall problem associated with the "flu shot".

    The flu is not influenza. Yet these two different illnesses are often used interchangeability --even by the CDC.

    If you will look at the CDC Influenza monitoring data you will see that, indeed, ILi ( influenza like illness) cases have increased. This is normal for this time of year. BUT, if you look at the amount of cases that are reported Influenza positive for week 52 you will find that they are greatly reduced.
    It is mis-information like this that has ultimately lead to the unpopular mandatory flu shot.

    Influenza like illness is defined as ANY resp illness that presents with a fever greater than 100 + cough or sore throat. These illnesses can be caused by many different viruses/bacteria in which the "flu shot" offers absolutely no protection.

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