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Evidence of swine flu risk to pregnant women rises; experts urge early treatment Remember that the CDC is now recommending special considerations for pregnant HCW. Most hospitals and health care facilities have not yet... Read More

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    Quote from timesofindia.indiatimes.com
    ...another victim Savita Nitin Vaidya (23), a resident of Hawaldarwasti, taluka Parner in Ahmednagar district, died at KEM hospital at 12.50 pm on Wednesday.

    Savita developed symptoms of the swine flu from January 18. She was admitted to the KEM hospital on January 23.

    “She was nine month’s pregnant at the time of admission and gave birth to a still-born baby on January 24,” said Gavande.
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    Fortaleza, Brazil


    Sporadic cases still occurring in Brazil and it is not even flu season in the southern hemisphere. These cases were infected presumably near the end of the year.

    Quote from crofsblogs.typepad.com
    Three women have also died from the virus. All were young, residents of Fortaleza, and infected in 2009. One of them was six months pregnant. She could not be saved by the medical team of the Assis Chateaubriand Maternity School that attended her case.
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    When I saw the place was Brazil, where the 3 deaths occurred, my first thought was, Oh no, this is their second wave! As sad as it was, I was grateful to see that it was a late report of their first wave.......

    I met a young woman today who seemed ill, and I asked if she'd had the H1N1 vaccine. "No, she replied, I don't believe in all that". I warned her that if she became pregnant that decision could kill her and her baby.

    "The vaccine can be given in your nose", I said. She smiled, humoring me.
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    Quote from gulfnews.com
    Muscat: An eight-month pregnant woman succumbed to H1N1, taking the death toll from swine flu in Oman to 32, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Health.

    The National Committee for Management of H1N1 said on Saturday that the woman had not taken vaccine and suffered from complications from H1N1 while in eight month of her pregnancy.
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    Wow. There's a whole forum devoted to this. Well, I've got my reading cut out for me.
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    Monroe, Iowa


    It seems crazy to me that her doctors did not suspect swine flu considering that
    she had s/s of ILI in a pandemic while pregnant. How could they not suspect it?
    And, she teaches school for heaven's sake!

    Quote from www.newtondailynews.com
    The Johnson’s ordeal began when Jessica, who teaches first grade at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, was feeling under the weather in October 2009. She first showed common cold symptoms but couldn’t shake it, so she went to visit her doctor, who first believed it was bronchitis.

    “That first week it started it was just a cold with flu-like symptoms, high temperature and the chills,” she said. “I thought I was getting better, but by the end of that week I could barely get up.”

    Her symptoms worsened, and on Oct. 31, Jessica was admitted to Skiff Medical Center because she was having trouble breathing. Her oxygen level continued to worsen and, due to her pregnancy, the mother-to-be was transported to Iowa Methodist Medical Center at 10 o’clock that night by ambulance.

    At Methodist, her condition continued to worsen and she was quickly moved to the critical care unit, which is one of the last things Jessica remembers. Adam said the doctors began acting quickly and Jessica was put on a ventilator to help her breathe, family was called in and prayer requests went out across Jasper County.
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    Royton, UK


    Quote from www.oldham-chronicle.co.uk
    The 26-year-old gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Jacob, by emergency Caesarean section days after she fell victim to flu-like symptoms.

    He was born on January 8 at the Royal Oldham Hospital. The following day, doctors confirmed to the family Allison had swine flu.

    Allison’s condition continued to deteriorate and she developed pneumonia. She was heavily sedated and put on a ventilator when she became unable to breathe.

    Her consultant tracked down a special ECMO machine, which oxygenates the blood, at the Royal Brampton Hospital in Chelsea. The young mum was transferred by ambulance. After six weeks of keeping a bedside vigil, Gareth along with Allison’s parents Julie and David Astley, were told her organs had begun to fail. She’d lost her fight for life.
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    South Korea


    Quote from joongangdaily.joins.com
    The 31-year-old ethnic Korean from China died along with her baby from pneumonia and acute respiratory failure on Jan. 21 after suffering from the new flu for about a month, said the officials at the South Jeolla provincial government, located in Muan, southwestern part of the nation.

    Her infection was confirmed on Dec. 28 after she returned from a 10-day trip to China.

    The woman only identified by her surname, Kim, belonged to the "high risk" population group vulnerable to the flu infection as she was 30 weeks pregnant and also suffering from diabetes, the officials said, citing test results conducted by the Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
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    A MOTHER and her baby have won their fight for life after she caught swine flu while six months pregnant.
    Doctors saved Valerie Leah’s life by putting her into a coma to deliver Oliver three months early.
    They both pulled through and were able to say thank you to the doctors and nurses who treated them at Tameside General Hospital, Greater Manchester.
    Quote from www.express.co.uk
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    Godhra, India


    Quote from crofsblogs.typepad.com
    On Saturday morning, Roshan Qureshi developed labour pains and was rushed for delivery. Qureshi was admitted at Spandan Hospital in the city and was undergoing treatment after she tested positive for H1N1. She was seven-and-half months pregnant when admitted to the hospital.

    "She was kept on ventilator due to respiratory problems. Looking at her critical condition, we did not expect that she would survive the labour pains. This is a unique case as Qureshi was H1N1 positive, kept on ventilator and underwent a pre-term delivery. Both mother and child are in semi-critical condition," said gynaecologist Dr Dilita Bhagade who along with team of doctors from Spandan handled the delivery.

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