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Evidence of swine flu risk to pregnant women rises; experts urge early treatment Remember that the CDC is now recommending special considerations for pregnant HCW. Most hospitals and health care facilities have not yet... Read More

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    Marseille, France


    Not a great translation, but we can get that the mother was placed on ECMO. Both mother and child
    have survived:

    Quote from www.flutrackers.com

    Influenza A: hospitalized for a month, the young mother discovers her child at Christmas
    MARSEILLE - A pregnant woman hospitalized in late November in Marseilles when she was diagnosed with a severe form of influenza A was finally able to see her child December 24, after undergoing delivery by emergency Caesarean section and being placed in an artificial coma for several days, "on Tuesday with the AP-HM.

    The young woman, aged 22 years and eight months pregnant, suffered a "very serious form of influenza caused by H1N1 virus," explains Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Marseille (AP-HM) in a statement.

    First sent to hospital in Avignon, she joined the Hospital de la Conception in Marseille where she was placed on a respirator and has undergone emergency, a cesarean delivery.

    The premature infant was placed in an incubator a few days while his mother's condition worsened. "She had a very advanced form of syndrome of acute respiratory distress (ARDS) caused by influenza," said the AP-HM.

    It was then placed on a respirator bypass connected to a device that purifies the carbon dioxide from his blood and oxygen enrichment. ( ECMO )

    After the admission of the young mother in intensive care at the Hôpital Sainte-Marguerite, this assistance was terminated December 9 and the patient was gradually awakened from the coma in which he had been diving.

    On December 24, any respiratory support was withdrawn and she was able for the first time, take her child in her arms. She is currently continuing his recovery, said the AP-HM.
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    Georgian Republic


    Quote from en.trend.az
    A 23-year-old woman died in labor from the swine flu in Georgia.

    According to the Georgian National Center for Disease Control, laboratory studies will soon determine for certain which virus killed Nana Gelashvili.

    Gelashvili was taken to a hospital in Kutaisi two days ago with double pneumonia.

    So far nine people have died from the swine flu in Georgia. A total of 1,075 have been infected.
    (hat tip pfi/monotreme)
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    Sandoval, Illinois


    Quote from www.wjbdradio.com

    A 30-year-old Sandoval woman has died, apparently from complications that began when she caught the H1N1 flu virus around Thanksgiving. Friends say Amber Ward was transferred almost immediately to Barnes Hospital in St. Louis where she lost her battle on Tuesday. As Amber's situation worsened, her son Chase was induced and born just 29 weeks into her pregnancy. He is reportedly doing well at Children's Hospital in St. Louis where he now weighs just over three pounds. Chase will be allowed to come home once he weighs five pounds. Amber also leaves her husband and five other young children at home. They are 13-year-old Dallas, eight-year-old Ashlynn, five-year-old Gavin, three-year-old Cohen and ten-month old Beilei. Amber was a licensed practical nurse at the Odin Care Center. Friends are trying to raise money for a trust fund for the family. The fund is in the name of Amber's father, Dale Tucker of Salem, at Marion County Savings Bank. Donations can be left at the bank. Meanwhile, the Marion County Health Department is still trying to obtain additional information before issuing a statement on the death.
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    If it can be acurately reflected, this LPN, Amber, may have a workers' compensation benefit...... for her family, if a patient with whom she worked at Odin had H1N1..........especially if correct PPE wasn't available.........

    It would be good if her widower contacted a workers' comp lawyer, once the shock passes. I don't know if flutrackers intervenes in the cases they support, but I'll email the bank with my view of this.
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    Tarbes, France


    Quote from www.flutrackers.com
    A young pregnant woman of 24 years died as a result of the virus influenza A H1N1. Native of Tarbes, she was hospitalized last December 18 at the Hospital de Bigorre. Before a condition deemed serious, doctors Tarbais had decided to transfer to the resuscitation department of Rangueil, Toulouse.

    Despite two weeks of intensive care to try to save the young woman, but also the baby, doctors Toulouse failed to keep alive the young woman ( and the baby) who died at the gates of the New Year
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    Southern Taiwan


    Quote from www.etaiwannews.com
    A 25-year-old pregnant woman has been hospitalized with influenza A (H1N1), making her the ninth such case recorded in Taiwan since the outbreak began last year, a Department of Health (DOH) official said Monday.
    The woman in southern Taiwan was 34 weeks into her pregnancy when she began to show flu-like symptoms, such as a fever and sore throat, on Dec. 27, said Shih Wen-yi, deputy director-general of the DOH's Centers for Disease Control.

    She tested positive for the H1N1 virus Dec. 28 and her unborn baby was found to have died Dec. 29, Shih said. He added that the woman is recuperating at a hospital after having a stillbirth Dec. 31.

    As a certain percentage of pregnant woman may suffer miscarriages, Shih said it remains unknown whether the woman's miscarriage was caused by the H1N1 infection or other factors. The woman had not been immunized against the H1N1 virus.
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    China: Woman Pregnant with Triplets Dies of H1N1


    Quote from www.chinadaily.com.cn
    A 25-year-old woman who was pregnant with triplets died after becoming ill with the A(H1N1) flu, according to Qingdao News.com.

    She was hospitalized in the later stages of pregnancy. After slipping into a coma, she delivered triplets via cesarean section before her death.
    (hat tip flutrackers/Roro)
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    Nakhon Sawon Province, Thailand


    Quote from enews.mcot.net
    Thailand on Wednesday reported one more death from Influenza A(H1N1) virus, raising the country’s total number of fatalities to 192, said Dr Paichit Varachit, permanent secretary of the Ministry of Public Health.

    In a report on the A(H1N1) situation from December 20 to January 2, the dead victim was identified as a 27-year-old woman who was 16-weeks pregnant living in Nakhon Sawan province.

    She also had suffered from chronic diabetes and high blood pressure for three years.

    The woman contracted the A(H1N1) flu on December 24, then died on December 30, Dr Paichit said.
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    Deland, Florida


    Kind of strange that they didn't react to the fact that she had flu s/s, she's an ER nurse, pregnant with a hx of bronchitis during a pandemic, sick enough to go to the ER. They sent her home like that?

    The same day, she ends up on a vent. It's a wonder that she and her baby are still alive.

    Quote from www.beacononlinenews.com
    At the end of September, everything was looking rosy. The couple wed. Crystal, who deals with chronic bronchitis, wasn't feeling well during the ceremony. She was pregnant with Zoe.

    Two days after the wedding, Crystal, an emergency-room nurse in Putnam County, noticed flu-like symptoms developing, including a fever of 103.9. Steven took her to the emergency room at Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona Beach. After some lab work, doctors sent her home.

    Eight hours later, Steven took her back to the emergency room. Crystal was vomiting and coughing up blood-like fluid from her lungs, Steven said. As soon as doctors discovered Crystal's critically low blood-oxygen levels, they went into emergency mode.

    Tests revealed the presence of H1N1 or swine flu.
    (hat tip pfi/aurora)
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    Republic of Georgia


    We quibble about vaccine here, and they don't even have access to it in Georgia so that pregnant women have no protection. The disease is going strong in parts of eastern Europe, Russia and China as well.

    Quote from news.am
    January 18, another pregnant woman died of swine flu in Georgia. This is the 23th swine flu fatal case in Georgia, National Center for Disease Control reports.

    To date, 1.240 A/H1N1 infection cases were registered in the country.

    According to experts, the second wave of the epidemic in Georgia is expected in February 2010. Meanwhile, the country expects 40.000 vaccines from World Health Organization (WHO) that will be given to high risk groups.
    (hat tip pfi/monotreme)

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