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Evidence of swine flu risk to pregnant women rises; experts urge early treatment Remember that the CDC is now recommending special considerations for pregnant HCW. Most hospitals and health care facilities have not yet... Read More

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    Bakersfield, California

    Quote from www.bakersfieldnow.com
    Elizabeth Faz, 33, was battling the flu for about a month before dying Monday night at Kern Medical Center. She was eight-months pregnant when doctors delivered her baby via cesarean section in September because of complications from the virus.

    "She never came out of it," said Faz' mother, Lupe Gonzales.

    At first, Gonzales said she didn't believe her daughter when she called from the hospital. But when she went to see her, everything became a reality. Within just a few weeks, her daughter was gone.

    According to Faz' family, she contracted pneumonia after catching swine flu, and they said that could have contributed to her death.

    Faz leaves behind a four children. Two of her children are with their grandmother, the baby is in foster care and one other child is with the father.
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    Quote from www.flutrackers.com
    The Ministry of Public Health in Cuba today reported the deaths of three pregnant women for human influenza and confirmed 621 cases, while called the "calmness and confidence" to this healthcare challenge.

    The Deputy Ministers of Public Health Portal and Jose Luis Estruch reported Friday in the Round Table TV program which addressed the epidemiological situation in Cuba from the H1N1 virus, the cause of the disease, and dengue transmission.

    The 621 confirmed cases relate to 177 children and 444 adults, of the total 181 (29 percent) are imported (passengers), 62 considered input (10 percent), and 378 natives (61 percent).

    Portal said more than 110 pregnant women have been serious and "Sorry, unfortunately three deaths.

    He warned that this is one of the groups at highest risk for contracting the disease that has caused so far over four thousand 500 people in the world.

    Estruch, meanwhile, said the island has about 80 thousand women pregnant "and we estimate that about five thousand are suffering from influenza (the common) in this seasonal period until December.
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    Monmouthshire, Wales


    Quote from www.walesonline.co.uk
    ...a 21-year-old pregnant woman, from Monmouthshire, died just two weeks after her baby was born by Caesarean section.

    She had been transferred to Glenfield Hospital, in Leicester, for ECMO treatment, but she died on October 9.
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    Quote from news.stv.tv
    ...a 17-year-old pregnant Scottish girl has died of Swine Flu. It is not known if she was suffering any underlying health problems. Details of where she was from have not yet been revealed.

    The teenager is the 15th to die of Swine Flu in Scotland since the H1N1 outbreak earlier this year.
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    Wood County, West Virginia


    Quote from www.dailymail.com
    West Virginia health officials say a pregnant woman from Wood County is the latest death attributed to the swine flu.

    The death on Friday was announced in a statement by Dr. Sherif Ibrahim, regional epidemiologist for the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department. The department did not disclose the woman's identity.
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    Binh Dinh Province Vietnam


    Quote from www.thanhniennews.com
    On Oct.10, the woman whose name has not been released was admitted with fever, cough and fatigue to Bong Son General Hospital, which carried out an operation to take out the fetus that was more than six months old.

    Her condition didn’t improve after four days and the 29-year-old was transferred to the province general hospital where she was diagnosed with severe pneumonia and respiratory failure.

    She died last Thursday, a day before the Pasteur Institute in Nha Trang informed that she’d tested positive for the H1N1 virus.
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    Quote from www.middle-east-online.com
    Lebanon confirmed its first swine flu death on Monday, with the health ministry saying the A(H1N1) virus claimed the life of a pregnant 30-year-old woman.

    "The deceased was thirty years old and eight months pregnant," a ministry statement said, adding that the woman died on Saturday.

    The woman had been suffering from respiratory problems and high fever but tests done "before and after the death show she was carrying the new flu virus," the statement said.
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    Quote from www.champress.net
    Fatima Nia’meh , 27, died at the Private Delivery Hospital in Aleppo, after delivering her baby by surgery in an attempt to save her life. So the baby girl survived to be named after her mother, who suffered a lot in her bitter journey between hospitals and ended with the grave. Unfortunately, her disease was only detected after her death.
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    Brunswick County, North Carolina


    Quote from www.thesunnews.com
    A pregnant woman from Brunswick County, N.C. died from swine flu complications after giving birth last week.
    The woman, whose name will not be released, died in Durham, N.C. at the Duke University medical center, according to Brunswick County Health Department officials.
    Fred Michael, deputy director of the Brunswick County Health Department, said the woman went to the emergency room at Brunswick Community Hospital and tested positive for swine flu about a month and a half ago. She was treated for swine flu and transferred to a Wilmington area hospital to try and help the baby continue to develop to a healthy birth weight and condition. Eventually she was transferred to Durham, where she gave birth some time in the last two weeks. Michael said he was not sure how soon the woman gave birth before dying from complications. He said to his knowledge, the baby was born healthy.
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    Sukhothai, Thailand


    Quote from www.bangkokpost.com
    Public Health Minister Witthaya Kaewparadai yesterday ordered chief health officers in 11 provinces in the upper central region and lower North to strengthen flu screening measures, particularly of pregnant women.

    The minister said every pregnant woman visiting a state hospital should be screened for the influenza virus. All would be asked if they have flu symptoms.

    A pregnant woman died last Friday in Sukhothai after suffering from a fever for six days. She did not seek medical help, Mr Witthaya said.
    (hat tip pfi/helblindi)

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