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Evidence of swine flu risk to pregnant women rises; experts urge early treatment Remember that the CDC is now recommending special considerations for pregnant HCW. Most hospitals and health... Read More

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    Nottingham, UK

    Family told pregnant mum, 25, could die from swine flu

    Not last year, this is now. I suspect this case to be on ECMO.

    Quote from http://www.thisisnottingham.co.uk/news/Family-told-pregnant-mum-25-die-swine-flu/article-3019999-detail/article.html
    A PREGNANT woman is fighting for her life in hospital after contracting swine flu.
    Mother-of-four Fallon Devaney, 25, was rushed to the Queen's Medical Centre struggling for breath.
    She had been suffering flu symptoms for more than a week and the hospital confirmed she had swine flu.
    Miss Devaney, who is five months pregnant with her fifth child, was in intensive care.

    Fearney said: "She's near to death and it's touch and go. We do not know if she's going to survive."Friends have set up a Facebook group called 'Get well soon Fallon' as a show of support to her and her family.
    Ms Fearney said her daughter recently moved from Beeston to Kirk Hallam, near Ilkeston.
    She said Fallon hadn't been vaccinated against swine flu.
    "Everyone in the family has gone and had the vaccination since Fallon was taken ill," she said.
    (hat tip flutrackers/tetano)
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    The UK

    HPA - HPA National Influenza Report

    Quote from www.hpa.org.uk
    There have been reports of influenza hospitalisations and ICU admissions across the UK. Twenty-two H1N1 (2009) patients have been referred for ECMO up until 15 December 2010. Of these, 17 have received ECMO. All cases receiving ECMO have been adults under 65 years in age (median=39 years, IQR 35-45 years). Four of the 17 (23.5%) cases were pregnant.
    (hat tip flutrackers/ironorehopper)

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