Vitamin E Lotion and a Fistula

  1. If you have a dialysis consumer and their fistula looks really bad, use Vitamin E lotion to make it clear and prevent infections. I wash my hands to the count of 30, wash my fistula with anti-bacterial soap, using my hands. Yes, this has been approved by the Indiana University Home Dialysis Clinic, most of the RN's on this staff have a minimum of 20 years of dialysis experience. Then, I put a reasonable amount of Vitamin E lotion on my fistula and it really starts to clear. My fistula started to clear and the IU staff was blown away on how good it looked. It is almost now to the point of looking like nothing ever happened. I also clean my hands to the count of 30, wash my arm with anti-bacterial soap and use a Cholra-Prep stick to the count of 30 to clean my arm before dialysis. I have to wait for 3-4 minutes for the sticky tape to stick, and yes, this tape wants to stick to everyone and everything. Have never been a fan of paper tape. Taping for dialysis is very, very important for a secure needle. The lotion can be purchased at Sam's Club. If someone could not afford a membership, I would go to the pharmacy with a nephrologist's letter explaining the reason for buying the lotion. Normally, people are very nice when they know the purchase is for a serious medical reason.
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