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I am a new dialysis nurse, well a new nurse period, and until today I loved my job and the people I work with although they've been a little slow to warm up to me on a personal basis. Here's my delima.... I am in... Read More

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    The problem will probably only get worse. Companies will continue to attempt to find ways to save money and that includes getting techs to do RN work. Means they can hire/pay fewer RNs, period. I work in a state that allows techs to push Heparin while the states next to us wont allow the same. What makes my state different? Well, do you think a congressman just woke up one morning and decided to draft up new legislation regarding PCT's and Heparin? Not likely. The idea was set in motion by a lobbyist from a for-profit provider whispering into his wallet/ear. It is more prevalent in red states such as TX (techs doing assessments?!) and VA. Not a coincidence.

    Also, I can't agree with the previous sentiment that techs are resentful of RN's. I have seen once well-liked techs receive licensure only to return to the clinic as an RN and get eaten alive by their former "co-workers". It the epitome of jealousy and insecurity. The older techs are the worst offenders as they attempt cash in on their "seniority" in lieu of chain of command granted authority.

    Tired of watching techs break the law? Too bad. They don't have any skin in the game and no real incentive to play ball. No hard earned license to lose. They learned by on-the-job-training, same as a gig with the Home Depot or Burger King. They can just find another gig in a long term care facility or the kitchen of your favorite restaurant if they lose this job.

    Please save me the righteous replies defending the good techs you work with/happen to be. I'm tired of everyone telling me they are the exception. There is a problem in the field of dialysis and non-RN's doing RN work is a part of it.

    Does this post offend you as a tech? Then go post a rant on and save me some grief.
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    I also work there n wish I didn't! I originally was hired on at a private clinic where I got most of my experience. I thought going corporate would be a great idea with all the benefits that DaVita has to offer. But your right, the techs give NS bolus' just because the patient states, " I think I feel bad go ahead and turn off my goal" OR "I think I'm feeling bad give me some saline". Excuse me, you came in here in a wheelchair today because you can't walk because your feet and legs are so swollen you can't walk on your own and you have gained 15# in 2 days! I don't think your goal needs to just be cut off after only 1 hour of tx because you 'think' you 'might' be feeling bad! Somebody find me a HD NURSE PLEASE!
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    I just started in dialysis 5 months ago... my clinic is run through our hospital system. I can say i havent experienced any of the issues described in the above posts... thank god! I work with a wonderful group of nurses and techs... both of which respect each others knowledge and experience. I am just thanking my lucky stars that i started my renal nursing career where i did!!
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    I'm a new grad RN in New Jersey trying to get a HD nurse position. Do any of you work for Davita or FMC in NJ?

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