Renal Nurse's salary range

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    do you have any idea of the salary range of renal/dialysis nurse?

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    Well I have worked in a few Dialysis Centers...RN or LPN?
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    Quote from TaraGenX
    Well I have worked in a few Dialysis Centers...RN or LPN?
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    In 1994 I started out at 13.25 as an RN in dialysis in SC without experience. In 1996 I started at another clinic at 16.00/hr. I work through an agency now making 30.00/hour. I think the nurses that work there make about 22.00/hr. I hope this helps. The hospital dialysis nurses usually make a little more.
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    How sad these salaries!!. Experienced Dialysis Nurses make 33-35 dollars an hour in New Jersey. I work pool and make 45.00/hr. The southern salaries are ridiculously low. Dialysis is not an easy job. If the pay rates were that low here I would wait tables.
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    I agree that the SC salary seems kind of low, but it will depend on the cost of living for that area. I live in the Kansas City area and some agency nurses make up to $50/hr. The cost of living is pretty low here. Dialysis nurses generally make decent wage here (at least $24 depending on experience)
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    Delaware, 11 years RN, 1 1/2 renal outpatient, $26 and change. Not happy with it.
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    I am the Charge Nurse of a haemodialysis unit in Scotland and only get aprox $20/hr. (if i stay in post for another 10 years it will top out at $30/hr)

    I am currently looking into moving to Jacksonville, Florida. If anyone has any advice about the best way to go about this, I would be very grateful for any advice.
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    Hello dialyser + nurses!! I'm an RN here in Jacksonville, FL for 2 years now. I worked previously in London, Great Britain and in my home country in the Phils. Me and my husband are planning to move back to GB (he is from Brighton, East Sussex) as we think it is the better place to live in. America is boring, dangerous and unstable but damn! this is where the money is!!! So as soon as we save enough money, we will be back to GB in no time.(Just for your info by the way!)

    So you want to work here in Jax. Best thing to do is get an recruiter to do all the funky paper work and you're on your way here in a year or so. Of course you have to comply with the requirements like NCLEX, CRB clearance, immunizations and whatever competencies required by FL State Board.

    Probably you won't get a HD job straight away which means you have to work in a hospital setting. I guess its best to experience it as the hospital provides vital information about working as a nurse in America. IT'S VERY DIFFERENT FROM THE SETTING IN GB.

    Finally when you want to work again as an HD nurse, you can apply and probably land in the highest paying job in the whole of Jacksonville. :wink2: The contract HD nurses in our hospital earn $50/hr/pt!!! Meaning in a 3-1/2 hr period... they are earning $525. Now that's what I want to do too. So I am currently applying to this company. Wish me luck! I have no HD experience but comm'on! Everyone's got to start somewhere!

    All the best to you!!!
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    where did you have your training? i really want to be a renal nurse (specialty: dialysis) because i don't want to be stucked with working in the ward :angryfire ....

    can be a renal nurse without a training???

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