Phone Interview with DaVita!

  1. 0 Hi fellow nurses!

    I'm an RN who has been working in LTC for 3 years since I became a nure. I have a phone interview coming up next week with DaVita for the position of Acute Dialysis RN. I was wondering what type of questions I would be asked, and if there's any tips or advice from anyone working in dialysis.

    Looking forward to your responses! Thanks!:spin:
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    Phone interviews tend to more informal than formal.
    You can prepare in advance and have cue cards everywhere so you can refer to them for handy hints
    Life in Dialysis nursing has changed so much over the past 18 months due to the way we are paid from CMS

    Things to know or have an idea about would include, remember they are not expecting you to be an expert but I imagine they would be keen to know that you have done your homework

    Types of Dialysis available
    Anemia management
    Care of the chronic pt
    Your current experience
    Why dialysis interests you
    Talk about how much experience you have with the diabetic patient and hypertensive patients-two of the leading causes of Renal failure in this country
    Talk about how well you work well alone under stressful conditions plus how you are part of the MDT

    Questions for you to ask
    How long will the training be?
    How long you will remain on orientation
    What support mechanisms are in place
    What is pt nurse ratio
    Will you be trained to work as a tech and be expected to step in as a tech when there are staff shortages
    What are the hours
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    Had a phone interview with them this past week and it's just a blur in my memory! But they asked what I knew about the company, why I wanted to work with Davita, asked about my work history and what all I'd done, what interested me about dialysis, why I wanted to become a nurse. I don't remember exactly what I said but I made a very minor off handed comment about a previous employer and how I felt they didn't value all their employees and boy did that open up a can of worms. The recruiter kind of harped on that for a while so be very careful with how you word things. It was actually meant to be a compliment about Davita but it got turned around a little bit.

    Wasn't asked anything medical related, possibly bc the recruiter didn't have a medical background that I'm aware of (looked the person up on Linkedin). At the end of the interview I was told my local facility would be contacting me within 2 days to set up an in-person interview panel so I'm going through that process now.

    Oh, and I had my whole spiel ready for the "tell me a little bit about yourself" question and it wasn't even asked!!

    Good luck!!
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    Thanks guys for your responses, helped alot. The interview is set up for tomorrow so I'll let you all know how it went!
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    Ok, well I had the phone interview last week. She didn't hardly ask me anything, just what interested me about dialysis, and my experience. Well the next day, the administrator called me to set up an interview in person, and I go in next week wednesday. So excited! I bet the face to face interview is more in depth, and suggestions/tips?
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    Mostly mine consisted of them telling me what all they do and what to expect. Then it was just kinda informal, us chatting back and forth about various things. My interview was very laid back. Both interviewers were down to earth, easy to talk with. They offered me the position during the interview and I'll start next week. But be prepared for anything. Good luck!!
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    I have applied for a couple of positions with Davita. Also, I think I read that they will accept new graduate RNs. Is this too good to be true? Did anyone follow up with HR or do I just "patiently" wait for them to call me?
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    It was a little over a week and a half after I applied before I got an email to schedule the phone interview which is the first step in the process. Yes they do hire new graduate RN's in some cases. This was the job title for my position: Staff Registered Nurse - Willing to train in dialysis. Requirements were 6 months dialysis experience preferred along with at least 1 year nursing experience in ICU/CCU/ER, tele or M/S strongly preferred. I had 6 mo's tele and 6 mo's rehab experience, then another 6 months in a clinic type setting all as an LVN.
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    I don't have much clinical experience, but I am willing to locate. I hope that means something! It's been a few days, so I guess I'll see I've seen a hemodialysis training program with Im debating if I should take the course. Suggestions?
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    THey do hire new grads and no experience, for us I had 10 weeks of training, Dialysis is a long learning process, they said it will take at least 6 months before you become really confident in what you do, I thought that was long (bec i'm a hands on person) but when i experienced it, it's true. Dialysis is either for you or not for you. I love my job! I work for davita great people and great benefits. Im in Chronic tho. Maybe someday I'll try acutes I don't think You need to go for that course. You'll be fine
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    Rosedale4u, which state do you work in? I find that more locations in Florida accept new grads. What exactly is your job description(if you don't mind sharing)?
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    this was a great and helpful post...
    how did the interview go? any tips on that?
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    I am curious on your outcome of that interview. I have a phone interview with them, and planning ahead? any enlightenment that you can provide?

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