Old Dialysis Nurse- wanting to go back

  1. I started my dialysis career in 1996 and worked through 2007. For the most part I was the charge nurse on the hemo floor, but I have done acutes, started a PD program, and was an interim clinical manager prior to going on maternity leave. We moved cross country in 2007 and I had 4 little kids at home, so I took some time off. By 2011 I was ready to start working again, but no openings were available in the one unit in our small town (we don't even have a hospital). I ended up commuting and working as a diabetes educator. In the last 2 years I have applied for 2 openings that have come up at the local Fresenius clinic. The first time, I tried for the Clinical Manager position. I did get an interview, but they told me they had an internal candidate. I also do not have my BSN. Then they had an opening for an RN- level 1. I didn't even get a response. I love dialysis, and my recommendations and work reviews are excellent. Have I completely shot myself in the foot from being out of it now for 10 years? Has anyone else had the experience of difficulty getting back in the field after a lengthy absence?
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  3. by   MrMango
    Must be dependent on your location... I'm from Connecticut and recently left my full-time position at Fresenius (I still work per diem) in favor of a hospital, but I still get e-mails about Fresenius openings in my state and there's always at least two RN postings at any given time. The clinic I just left hired 4 nurses in the past year, three of them new grads,
  4. by   Duncan6
    Finally have an interview at one of the big 2! An opening came up for an in-center staff RN. Applied a couple of weeks ago and was invited to a hiring event. Met the Facility Admin. and it seemed to go really well. Invited to interview for the position next week. I was the only nurse that showed up at the hiring event for the clinic I want to be at- so fingers crossed! I love dialysis and have missed it; it would be great to be back.