Obamacare? How will it affect dialysis? - page 3

I have been hearing alot of changes coming in the future for dialysis, none sound very good. What have you all heard & how do you think it will affect our careers as dialysis professionals in the... Read More

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    What is need to help the health care consumer is competition.

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    Most people do not realize that individuals such as Obama and his crowd have been talking about these cuts for many years before they were elected. Liberal Democrats have accused Republicans of wanting to cut Medicare, but, look who is actually cutting Medicare to the tune of $700 billion dollars, it is Obama.
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    You have to feel his pain.
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    Nurse Reis, I agree with 95 percent of your post..... However, it is government regulations that are driving the cost of health care thru the roof, as government spending on student loans are driving the cost of college tuition thru the roof. The average family medical policy has over 2,000 regulations, making the policy cost prohibitive, meaning the average family cannot afford it. I am not a fan of Kent Thiry in the least. However, even if he made $0 per year, it would not really reduce the cost of dialysis. I used to work for Toyota and it is a great business model. Most CEO's really HATE staff turnover because it is very, very expensive and costly. I also like the Costco business model, where line employees make good salaries and great health benefits. When dialysis patients see the new Davita building I posted on the dialysis board, they laugh at the hypocrisy or they become very angry as they have every right to be upset. Also, imagine the profits they could make if they made the dialysis consumers happy. The vast majority of dialysis consumers are not getting enough dialysis, this is why you have problems with all kinds of issues, such as phosphorus and fluids. The more I do Nocturnal dialysis, 5-6 days a week, the more I am convinced that the body does not work as those in In-Center dialysis want it to work. Basically, the dialysis consumer is being set up for failure..... by the dialysis industry.
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    You are correct, MadWife.

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