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How many of you fellow RN's work with nurses thast do not know how to string the machine, initiate and terminate txs? I am flabberghasted that some do not know the basics....just wondering:confused:... Read More

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    I am an RN and I have a pod of 4 for each shift plus meds and assessments for the other 2 pods which are run by PCTs. Our PCTs are awesome, but all of the nurses work pods too, most of us every day.

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    Where I work it's a different setup.

    Nurses setup the machine, hook the patient, monitor and administer meds, terminate the treatment, then tear down the lines. We even, at times, wheel the patient to the weighing scale, then after that wipe the chairs and get both the machines and seats ready for the next patient.

    So most of the work is done by us. Even if we have two nursing assistants per shift (18 bed chronic facility)
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    I think as a trainee dialysis RN (experienced med/surg/tele nurse) I would have been better served by training as a TECH first then integrate the RN stuff. The nurses in my clinic are given a 3 patient assignment as well as covering the tech's patients as nurses. Is this not the usual case elsewhere?

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