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We recently began using URR's as the measure of adequacy along with the KT/V. I have always tracked both on my patients, so no big deal. What I don't understand is that residual renal function is no... Read More

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    Quote from traumaRUs
    BTW - I've only been doing this 5 1/2 years. My nursing background is ER/ICU.

    The reason I was hired was that it was felt I could handle the attitudes of the pts.

    LOL! That's the same reason they assign me all the "difficult" patients! Keeps it interesting. Thanks for you input. I have one patient that I think it may be good to try the 11ml/kg/hr on. As for your experience, the 5 1/2 half years are more than adequate as it appears you put the work into knowing what you are doing. When I was complaining about the NP I work with I was trying to point out that he doesn't care to put the work in and relies only on what the nurses tell him. It's awesome when docs and NP's listen to us but, if they do not put in the effort to learn the field they are practicing in, I have a hard time giving them the respect they "deserve". Maybe I'm being a little hard on him, but if I saw any effort from his side, I wouldn't be so harsh....

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    Quote from msnmbahcm
    I am a traveler and am currently in Arizona. It has been my experience that using PUF (sequential dialysis) for the 1st hour, to take off 2L has been positive, no cardiac issues nor any b/p issues. I worked in an acute setting where we did CRRT, PUF, SLED, etc and I have conferenced with docs all over and they like the fact we can decrease EDWs effectively with this mode in the OP setting.
    I agree that this works well for some patients and have used it many times in the past. The difficult part is getting those patients who are so non compliant already to sit in the chair an extra hour!

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