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I'm doing some research on the prevalence of needle dislodgement within dialysis. Please comment if you have experienced VND with a patient. I have found several articles related to this issue but it seems understudied and/or... Read More

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    With the exception of a patient with Dementia and a Schizophenic patient (both who pulled their own needles out)....every other incident of needle dislodgement I have run across was due to an inadequate tape job... it's very frustrating. I suggest re-educating direct patient care staff re: proper taping procedures.

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    Quote from NeedleTape
    From your posts, it seems that clinic culture in conjunction with protocol might dictate incidence of dislodgements. Other than the RedSense monitor which is now required by VA dialysis centers, any other safety mechanisms that you might have come across during your practice?
    I have to say that I am not impressed with the RedSense monitor. Maybe they have made improvements to it now, but when it was studied in my unit it alarmed for everything!

    I have been in hemodialysis for 8 years and have never seen a VND that was not intentional or caused by a patient standing up mid run without making sure there was enough slack in the lines. Maybe this is because I was taught, and have taught all those who came after me, what a serious event this could be. It makes me especially nervous because of the lack of alarms due to VND.

    I agree with other posters that the best way to prevent this is to keep the access visible; we also leave the light above the patient on at all times to prevent shadows that may hide the dark color of blood. Proper taping is also a must!
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    Actually, some providers do require a physician order for the temperature on the machine -- some physicians might want the temperature lower because of hyptotension (some FMC medical directors do such). Some facilities have a range.. the FMC 2008 machine goes beyond 38 as I recall..... Often technicians will raise the temperature to keep a patient warm, but in effect, this often does not help --sometimes... but then should a technician be making such a judgement call especially if the patient runs a low BP? Should the tech first be checking with the RN? Just my thoughts.

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