Lufkin Dialysis Davita Unit - Texas

  1. 0 Wondering if anyone is following the Davita Lufkin Dialysis Case ---

    As nurses and concerned individuals, one must ask if this nurse is not a scapegoat for Davita ??

    If there were witnesses who observed this nurse supposedly inject bleach into patients, then why did they NOT intervene immediately?

    To think that a nurse might die (death penalty) for something she did not do, is is innocent until proven guilty...
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    Do you have a link to this story?
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    Here is a link I found:

    This story is from 2009 so while very sad, this is in in the court system now.

    I agree with Davita: "rogue nurse" - this happens rarely so that is why it is news.

    Most nurses are very conscientious, reliable, hard-working and compassionate.

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