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  1. Despite what many of you might think or believe, I really do love Nursing people. As I have posted before, my mom was a Psych RN, sister was the head charge RN in surgery, major research hospital, my Aunt is an RN in Hospice, and my mom's best friend was a Psych RN. I met one RN who looks like Sarah Palin, glasses, the whole nine yards. I also met an RN who looks like Doris Day. Believe it or not, my Aunt went to high school with Doris Day at Our Lady of The Angels High School, in the 40's. Doris and her real last name was **************, not Day, which *************is a good Cincinnati or Zinzinnati name, Ja? If you are unaware, Cincinnati is the 3rd largest population of German descent in the United States. Doris was kicked out of OLA for singing at a nightclub in the 40's and then started her career on 700AM WLW(World's Lowest Wages) a 50,000 watt flamethrower. Cincinnati is also the 8th largest Catholic school system in the United States.

    I have known many nurses on this earth, 98%-99% are very, very good people. The Nursing staff at Indiana University are filled with very, very good Nurses, love them all dearly. Honestly, the Nursing staff at IU is how Nursing should be, kind and compassionate, but, firm. You cannot treat people without run sheets or a daily record, and people who do not do their treatments are going to die, and they should be told about that fact, I think they are idiots. You cannot also treat people without blood tests.

    In 1996, the Nursing staff at Good Samaritan in Cincinnati really took care of me, I was there for a month and a half, RN mom said appendix had to come out. Yet, when they did the operation, they could not find anything, that was bizarre. I had a great surgeon and they were so good to me, ran a million tests, could not find anything, strange. When I went to be home for a couple of weeks, I started to burn up with a fever, meaning infection. Went back to Good Samaritan, had a fever for 3 and half weeks, then they had to operate, no choice. My colon and bladder were inflamed. I was at Good Samaritan for a month and a half. When I am that sick, do not want to eat or drink anything, just reading a newspaper was like running a marathon. The worst thing was sitting up in a chair for 10 minutes, that was awful, but, they did not have a choice. I had to walk around the block to keep the blood clots away, my mom and sister did not forget the walking, meanies. It was like a death march and I was used to a lot of walking and running over the years.

    Over the years, I ran into a couple of the Nurses from Good Samaritan, one was named *****and at that time, she was just starting in Nursing. Nancy, God Bless her soul, took me to the restroom and I am not sure how she did it, I am not a small man, most of my weight is muscle mass, benched 450 in college. I saw her in the Good Sam ER in 2008, I wanted grab and hug her, and not let go. Yet, I did not want to make her uncomfortable after how she helped me. I just told her that she looked familiar, but, I knew it was her *****is from Dayton and I was on the 12th floor.***** , if you are reading this, I love and adore you. I also ran into another nurse and we had a nice long talk. It made me sad she was no longer in Nursing, back issues, she was a computer programmer, she said she really missed it, but, the back would just not take it, anymore. I do remember the names of all my nurses. The dialysis unit at Good Sam is a also a place with very good people I did not have any health issues in '96.

    The Nursing staff at Mercy Anderson(Cincinnati) is also a group of great people, they took care of me when I was in the hospital with acute pneumonia in Late '06, for 19 days, UGH and 24 hour per day, dialysis, I was passed out. I also like the dialysis unit at Mercy Anderson(Cincinnati), very good people with nice warm blankets. It is a smaller hospital, unlike Good Samaritan, with almost 800 beds. The care at Mercy is very, very good.

    The Nursing staff at Fresenius was very nice for the most part. The only place I really grew to dislike was DaVita. However, the other Nursing experiences over the years, were quite positive and they were good to me. Christ Hospital has a great dialysis unit, also, very good people, they really take care of you, I was really, really sick. I really liked my trainers at Davita, they were outstanding, but, they moved on If you hire Nurses, you would do well to hire one of my trainers, very practical, very, very smart. In fact, he is one of the smartest people I have ever met.
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