Labs after dialysis

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    I have a question regarding lab work post dialysis. Is it okay to draw a CBC with diff after a patient has dialysis? If it is drawn about 45 min after dialysis?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Nope - no labs should be considered "accurate" after dialysis unless they are specifically drawn as post-dialysis labs.

    CBC will be hemo-concentrated as pt is (hopefully) euvolemic.

    Need to draw most labs pre-dialysis. 45 minutes post dialysis is not enough time to draw for accuracy.
  4. by   barb o
    Our nephrologists always stated to wait at least 4 hours after a treatment, and that was only if it was truly necessary.
  5. by   Chisca
    Need to specify acute or chronic. In the hospital labs can be drawn 2 hours after the end of treatment.

    An Australian study that claims accurate labs can be drawn one hour after treatment.

    Preparation for surgery: Optimal time for blood collection following haemodialysis (PDF Download Available)
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