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Join ANNA?

  1. 0 How many of you are members of the American Nephrology Nurse Association, ANNA?
    If you are, do you recommend joining them?

    I was thinking about joining this year. I've been working on a nephrology unit for about a year now. We have an acute room which is staffed by Davita, so we don't actually do the hemodialysis. Majority of our patients are on hemodialysis, sometimes we have peritoneal dialysis patients too.

    here is the website for the organization
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    I have been a member for a few years but wont renew this year. The journal is not worth it for what want - its just a bunch of DNP and PhD candidates publishing their theses or final papers. As to discounts, well its not all that much and since CME is reimbursed by my employer I just cant justify the expenditure - it is a tax deduction though....
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    Thanks for the reply. I joined for 1 year and if it isn't worth it, I won't renew it.
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    It's good for your career if you plan to stay in dialysis, for professional development & looks good on your credentials/resume'. If you have a local chapter it is good networking; the conferences are very good but expensive. Employers will send promising & productive employees "sometimes" depending on your company/manager,etc.
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    Well, I didnt think ANNA was very welcoming to APNs. I joined a few years ago and joined several of the SIGs and the dialysis ones are only concerned with protocols. The APNs ones are sparse at best. As to looking good on resumes, I beg to differ - I think joining ANA (Am Nurses Assoc) or something more national is much more helpful.
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    It's worth it to me just for the Renalweb biweekly nephrology news. Current news about nephrology issues and pending legislation with links to the articles every 2 weeks. Much better than the AACN news digest concerning critical care issues. As a bedside nurse I find the ANA near useless and their silence on labor issues, especially staffing, renders them rather irrelevant to me.
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    Chisca - good points.

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