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  1. So I just recently started with RAI, trainging with a PCT for now, until it's time to move on to RN duties. Last week we were told Fresinius bought RAI and have already started seeing supplies(saline, dry packs, etc) in house being used. Does anyone have any insight as to being bought by Fresinius? What types of changes could I possibly expect? It looks as though my job is safe for now, bc there isn't any Fresinius clinics in my local area, but no having worked with either before now would like to be informed. The fewer surprises the better! Thanks for any help!
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  3. by   DaniRN1
    You can expect tightening of supply costs. A well run company. A lot of employee perks. They almost always try to keep staff when there are mergers or buyouts. Overall a good company. Changes take forever, and we have an antiquated computer system, but I wouldn't work for any other dialysis company!
  4. by   CocoaGirl
    I have been through a Fresenius acquisition, our unit was private & was bought out by FMC. It was a nightmare and still is, be prepared that staff who quit will not be replaced. Almost all of our support staff were let go: HR, unit clerk, receptionist etc. You will work short staffed, have LOTS of extra duties to take on and have limited support from upper management. The PCT's have had to pick up ALL of the water system testing & checks, mixing bicarb, doing pt labs, filing, chart audits, faxing (all the secretarial duties), stocking supplies, putting away the huge pallets of supplies when the truck comes etc. This is in ADDITION to taking a full pt assignment. Our unit has 3 techs & only one nurse. Sadly, you will learn very quickly that profit comes before patients & patient care.
  5. by   DaniRN1
    You know, it all depends on your location. I have observed two entirely different buy outs. My experience has been, that when staff quit, it was because of rumors and fear the unknown, not the job or FMC. The first buy out was rough, but that was because FMC kept all of the incoming staff and put them in the high positions and didn't offer them to veteran staff. They got rid of no one. The second situation, the new staff will tell you that the transition and support from FMC has been wonderful. hang in there and make up your own mind. Give it a chance before you do anything rash. Good luck!