Fresenius -- Granuflo-- were patients harmed? - page 2

Recently, on the internet, a major renal website published information about FMC's Granuflo. FMC internal memos were made public with comments from the individual who published this information...... Read More

  1. by   opdahlamber
    My aunt died from cardiac arrest after years of receiving dialysis at a DaVita center in Iowa. She was found to have "high pH" according to my grandmother..who is NOT medically cognizant. Am just now finding out about this and the fact that Fresnius did NOT notify the DaVita centers about the risks. My aunt was my best friend. I am sickened by this.
  2. by   traumaRUs
    So sorry for your Aunt's death.
  3. by   sophiesmom01
    I work in a DaVita clinic. In the last month or two we were notified of the granuflo recall by biomed. We returned what we had and went to individual jugs until the new batch came in. We were told in the recall that the reason the acid was recalled was because it's color, and only the color was off. They stated there were no known side effects noted but they wanted it recalled because of the color?! Is this the recall you're talking about? I have also seen the lawyer commercials. We have never had a Cardiac Arrest in my clinic, thankfully!!