1. I heard some of them are unionized, anyone work for one that is? I have a lot of questions about staffing etc if you could help.
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  3. by   jreneec
    Not aware of any unions. Good luck with getting answers to your questions. I had many unanswered questions also. Resorted to calling the HR hotline. It took 3 weeks of phone tag to find out that HR contacted regional operation director with the "problem". I was told that only certain states have mandated staffing levels ( NY and CA). In these states staffing ratio is RN 1:12 and tech 1:4. I was also informed that state surveyors have never had an issue with staffing levels in any FMC clinic. So staffing- can be RN 1:30 and tech 1:6 and state surveyors have no concerns about it. Funny that a state surveyor cancan close thier eyes to inadequate staffing but god forbid that a box doesn't have an initial.
    Just a word of caution.... be careful. I feel that my efforts to provide adequate care to the patients have backfired. Staffing is now even tighter at times and all PTO requests are denied for me.
  4. by   anurseadvocate
    Goodness -- I was aware of patient retaliation by staff, however, this certainly seems like staff retaliation by upper level management. It is shameful that those who want to advocate for patients are held back by such as you stated. As I research, there are staffing ratios for California, however, NOT for dialysis units.