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ED to dialysis?

  1. 0 I currently work in the ED with almost 6 years of experience. I have my CEN and CCRN certifications, with CPEN coming along the way. However, i have zero dialysis experience.Im thinking about getting into dialysis while staying in the ED as per diem. I have an interview comin up with a fresenius clinic. How much less pay am i looking at by going to dialysis? Will i need to start back at the bottom of the pay ladder even with my current exp?
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    Hi Ryan....I can't address the pay issues. However, your ED experience will be invaluable. My nursing background is ED also and the only reason that I was hired into a nephrology practice to see dialysis pts was that the docs loved the idea I could think on my feet and had well developed assessment skills.

    So, although you will start with a learning curve, your experience will be a great asset.
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    Your time management and assessment skills will be your greatest asset. Depending on the facility, you might be taking care of a whole clinic( up to 50 pts/day), and the next you might be 1:1 with an acute pt in ICU. The clinic we run seems to have higher acquity patients than strictily OP clinics, I don't know if its because we are attatched to the hospital or what. So you might be used to the organized chaos. As far as pay goes, I have heard that the bigger companies like fresenius pay for years of experience so you might start at the bottom.