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Hello everyone. I have read more negative stories here regarding DaVita which I think is very helpful to the rest of us nurses thinking about a career in dialysis. May I ask what companies are way much better than DaVita in... Read More

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    Check out Liberty Dialysis! We are much smaller and all of our clinics / programs are joint ventures with the docs. Very low turnover and have never had a physician leave!

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    FMC is the worst, imo. Money and profits are not the main thing w/ this company- they are the only thing.

    I hear a lot of good things about KRU. I wonder how long it will be before FMC buys them out and ruins them like they did w/ RCG.
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    Has anybody worked for American Renal Associates, if so , what is your experience with the company? They have a job open for a PD nurse, but that is not the whole story. Turns out that clinic has a PD nurse. They really want a 3 in 1 nurse. They want a nurse to work in PD when the other PD nurse is off or on vacation. If no help is needed in PD department then the nurse would be HHD- home hemodialysis- training patients and if no patients need training then you would work in the dialysis unit. I am quailified to do all the jobs but not sure if i would actual be in the clinic most of the time. Is this just a way for them to hire another clinic nurse?
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    I miss when the doctors owned the clinics. It will never be great again. It seems like all these big companies care about is getting lots of patients and getting the most profit possible. It makes me sick. I love dialysis , but I don't enjoy working like i did 10 years ago.
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    Tony 55! I agree, I work for a physician owned independant and LOVE it! They are still out there, just far and in between. I will never work for a big chain again.

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