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I have many questions about what is going to happen,,hoping someone out there can help me!! I work in a hospital based outpt chronic unit. that is supposedly being sold to Davita in the very near future. I have been with the... Read More

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    Quote from madwife2002
    Any dialysis company is cutting hours and we are already jumping through hoops!
    Mostly agree. But...

    ...not all dialysis companies/facilities...yet. Those that don't currently cut hours and jump through hoops, have been or will be bought out by those that are adapting in-step with federal and thus, real-market changes.

    The challenge for dialysis professionals to maintain career satisfaction, will be in choosing a company that they can get behind, despite the coming onslaught of changes.

    The days of not-for-profit and hospital-owned dialysis utopia, are pretty much over.

    Some will choose different life/career avenues; some will choose to stay in the field. People need to self-educate and prepare for the imminent changes ahead.
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