Any dialysis nurses that started as PCTs?

  1. Hello All,

    I am a current RN student in my last semester of school and plan on graduating this may. I just applied for a patient care technician job at DaVita dialysis center. It seems like it would e a great opportunity to learn and get into the world of dialysis nursing as they have new grad training programs. I thought if I could get my foot in the door as a tech, work as a tech for awhile and gain experience and possibly move up to RN one day after I graduate in May. I was told by a recruiter that they may be willing to train the right person so I have a phone interview next week. Anyone have thoughts on going right into dialysis nursing after school?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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  3. by   just keep swimming
    I started as a PCT and went to nursing school while working. I knew during nursing school that I wanted to stay in dialysis. It was great experience for being an RN in dialysis; however, if you think you may not want to be in dialysis, it would be better to work as a CNA in a hospital. If you are like me though, it was perfect! I am now back in school to be an NP and have an offer to work for the nephrology practice that rounds in my clinic.
  4. by   tag2007
    Thanks for the response! It is encouraging to see that you worked as a PCT and enjoyed it enough to want to stay in dialysis. I am not sure where I want to end up but dialysis certainly sounds interesting and would be something I'd like to try. So, I am excited for a chance to work there.

    I have been hearing a bit about the really fast pace in dialysis and that scares me a bit but it also sounds like a challenge and I believe I could learn alot. Also, I love the idea of possibly having a place to work as an RN after I graduate.

    Anyway, we shall see!
  5. by   carrmlRN
    I to started as a PCT and then went to nursing school. I love renal! It's a nice specialty to have. I have been in dialysis 11 years now. I have learned outpatient hemodialysis, PD, and now currently float from inpatient nursing on a Renal/Metabolic unit and Acute Dialysis. Having the PCT background has made me a stronger RN in this area for sure! Best wishes to you and hope you enjoy dialysis as a PCT and RN!
  6. by   tag2007
    Thanks for the response! It is awesome to hear stories of dialysis nurses that started out as techs.

    I had my interview a few days ago and she indicated that she might have an opening for an RN position around the time I graduate which would be perfect! I graduate in three months and the tech training program takes about three months.

    So, my question now is this something I should take on during my last few months of school? Is the patient care tech training really intense? I would be doing the training full time while going to school in the evenings and clinical on weekends. I'd hate to pass up an opportunity to possibly have a job when I graduate but at the same time don't want to take on the impossible and end up failing my last class. Is the tech training program doable?

    The hiring manager invited me back on Monday to meet the staff and hopefully that will help me make a decision also. Also, I haven't been offered the job yet, just thinking way ahead of myself! Lol
  7. by   DialysisRN12
    I'm a dialysis RN and started out in a chronic unit. On this unit, one RN always worked as a tech. Training is very fast paced and very tiring. I was taking two classes in an online RN-BSN program and I had no time for anything but school and work. I don't want to say you can't do it but having been in my last semester of nursing school not too long ago and training in dialysis, I would highly recommend not doing it.
  8. by   marieane79
    i started as a DON assistant in a chronic dialysis cross trained as a tech,passy board & been a chronic dialysis nurse eversince ..wanted to work hospital but too imposible

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