question about a health promotion for my term paper

  1. 0 Hello All
    I hope you have had a safe and healthy 4th.
    I have a question (and it relates to a term paper I am writing on Health care Financing and a sample budget for a health promotion activity)
    In setting up a fictional health fair I would like to establish a table and offer finger sticks to the community. In the fictional "tent" with the tables, posters, literature to hand-out, various glucometers, strips, etc my concern would be how to "handle" those participates to this health fair who have an elevated finger stick. Now it wouldn't realistically be a FPG (fasting plasma glucose) but for those who do test "positive" I would like - in my fictional world - to have a Diabetic Educator available.
    My question is this: Realistically, have any of you been approached to help out and "man" a station at a health fair, and if you have, would you - if you could - volunteer your time?
    If you have but not on a volunteer basis, may I ask how much would your fee be? Remember, this is for my fictional budget and I have absolutely no freakin' idea about being in business for myself or as an Advanced Diabetic Nurse Practitioner. Geez, I even hate to count my change, smile, so the idea of thinking about fixed expenses, variable expenses, controllable expenses and unrecoverable expenses have me howling at the moon!
    Oh, before I forget, for those of you who have participated in a health fair, must I worry or supply consents to be signed by any health care consumer who stops by the table to have their blood sugar checked?
    Thanks in Advance,
    athena - who can't wait for this semester to be OVER!
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    Howdy kind people!
    I wanted to thank those of you who glanced at my request.
    I finally found the information I was looking for. I went to the Bureau of Statistics and the web site of the Diabetic Nurse Educator and plugged in the numbers I needed.
    My project term paper was accepted and I passed.
    I am SO happy this semester's work on health care financing is officially over
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    I am a diabetic educator/nurse/diabetic----- when I do health fairs I get as many freebies as possible from vendors (meters, strips, handouts). I always get a consent signed. It includes date, time, result, time of last meal, known diabetic, MD name and whether or not I can contact MD. I give patient results, good or bad, in writing (on back of my business card sometimes, but may be on form with my contact info, etc). I have a board illustrating how much sugar is in various popular beverages (you would be amazed!) with comparisons to low sugar types. If results are "bad" I recommend contact MD. If results are dangerously high/low I may recommend contact MD today or going to ER. If low I offer glucose tablets (free from vendor) right away.
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    thank you for your reply!

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