On Becoming an Endocrine Nurse Specialist

  1. Hi,
    Can anyone offer me (a student) any information on becoming an endocrine nurse or diabetes nurse specialist? I am super interested in diabetes, hormones, nutrition, metabolism and all things endocrine (on adults).

    How can I break into this field? More specifically, as a student, how can I start gaining relevant experience now?

    Thank you!!
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  3. by   clearblue3
    Hi Quetzal!
    I came across your post and was wondering what you have found out on the subject. Are you still a student or have you graduated? I am starting classes in January. I am going back to school for the second time. The first was for education so the role of a nurse specialist interests me as I have heard it can have a large education component. Any thoughts you have would be great!!
  4. by   classicdame
    you might try to learn what is available & what is the need in your area. Call hospitals, educators, even endo offices. At the very least, getting certified as diabetic educator would help, but that limits to one disease. Are you wanting to be a clinical nurse specialist (advanced practice nurse?) If so, find out from your state board of nursing what are requirements. You might be lucky enough to find an endocrinologist willing to help pay for your education while you work with the promise you will continue employment there after graduation. A friend did that and it worked out for both her and the doc.
  5. by   frann
    Have you thought of becoming a

    pediatric endocrinology nurse practitioner?

    There is a huge demand for pediatric endocrinologists
    we've been trying for years to get one in our town
    so I would imagine there would be a demand for NP's in this area

    type 1 diabetes is unfortunately on the rise.
  6. by   clearblue3
    Thanks Frann!
    Are you in endocrine? I am just getting started in nursing school, but I like to think ahead :-) I am trying to find an area of interest that isn't too sad but is still challenging. That narrows it down a bit I think. I can't wait to do some clinicals so I really see what different nurses do and whether or not I like it. Does peds endocrine mainly deal with diabetes? I imagine there aren't too many thyroid issues that young. Just trying to get an idea of what an NP in that area might do on a typical day. Thanks much and have a lovely night!

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