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Monofilament testing

  1. 0 Help, please. Where can I find the diagram to go with the monofilament testing for neuropathy in daibtic feet? IS #10 monofilmen the only acceptable gauge to use? Thanks.
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    this should be on the insert from the mfg of the monofilament. Have you tried ADA website? or maybe google for info?
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    All I see on the ADA site is articles about and, the use of monofilaments but not where to find the monofilament kits. Any further ideas? Thanks.
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    You may find the 10g monofilaments at:
    A great site for all the foot care instruments and monofilaments. They have them available in the individual paper ones and an excellent one from Bailey instruments, made in the UK.
    Hope this helps.
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    Kudoss to you. THanks for reliable information.
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    This might help. The best help I have found is the insert with the monofilament.
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    Thanks. Hope to begin using this ASAP. Is there a 'Best Practices' addressing this?
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    You can go to and look on the right of the page and can order packages of 10 free of charge. Each monofilament has a little place where you hold it and it has the diagragm on it. Plus this site has a wealth of information and even some free CEU online classes. The 10g is the one used for the average protective sensation screening.
    Hope this helps!
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    Just the ticket! Thanks for the information it's excatly what I need.