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  1. by   VickyRN
    type 2 diabetes grows as public health threat

    nearly 15 million americans have the disease; many cases preventable

    in just a decade, the number of americans diagnosed with type 2 diabetes more than doubled to 14.7 million and the government estimates more than 5 million others have it and don't know it.

    "these are people that have no opportunity to control the blood sugar, and these are people who find out about the diabetes when they discover a complication," says dr. garland.
  2. by   wellnessNP
    Type II diabetes??? I do not believe in it. It is not a disease but rather a symptom. Insulin production is still there. Maybe WE are missing the boat.
  3. by   wellnessNP
    Quote from dsparkyrn
    The increase to Type II DM is directly related to incresed obesity in all of us as a nation and the saddest part, in our children. The culprits I could name plenty. Fast food as the main source of our diets. Sedentary lifestyle, lack of proper nutrition in our best foods due to soil depletion....I can go on...
    What is the fuel for the body? SUGAR
    What is most fast food? SUGAR
    What happens to all the sugar we eat? The body burns what it needs and the rest is stored as FAT.
    Eat simple sugars you raise your insulin levels and insulin resistance is eventual. You cut the simple sugars, focus on the complex sugars.
    What controls the rate that the body burns sugar? The THYROID

    To all you NP's who want to really help your diabetic patients, check their thyroid levels, cut their simple carbs and push the veggies. Although exercise is important it is not the main issue here.