adrenal gland tumor or cyst

  1. Is Anyone Familiar With Adrenal Gland Tumors Or Cysts???? My Mom, Who Is Also A Nurse, Had A Hysterectomy Including Removal Of Right Ovary. She Had The Left One Removed In 1977 For Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. While In Radiology Waiting For Cxr She Read Part Of Her Chart Including The Dr's Post-op Note. Which Said Large Left Adrenal Tumor/cyst Visualized And Not Removed. (she Was Cut Hip To Hip Not A Lap). She Had The Hyster. For Left Sided Pain And Hemmoraging Basically During Her Periods. The Pain In The Left Side Is Still Persistently There. Pain Is Worse When Laying Down Or Sitting. However She Did Request Copy Being Sent To Her Pcp, But This Time That Sentence Which She Swears Was The 1st Sentence In His Post-op Note Was Not There. And When Questioning Them As To Why Haerd "you Must Have Read Someone Elses Chart(she Was On A Peds Floor And Went Down For Cxr In A Wc With Her Chart) , Or Maybe The Pain Medications Were Affecting You(mso4 Pump Was Dc'd When It Almost Collapsed Her Lung And Was Put On Perc. Averaging 3-4 Day Or Less) And That I Can't Make It Out The Paper Is Smeared Or Smudged In That Area Was Even Told To Her" . Any Ways These Are Her Symptoms : Pain L Side, Urine Smells Very Peculiar, She Don't Sleep Right Cause She Can't "shut Off", Never Slows Down Could Work Circles Around The Best Of Us. , Htn, Anxiety And Has Lost 11 Pounds In Past 2 Months Even Though She Eats. She Always Looked Young For Her Age 49 But Over The Past Yr Has Aged 10 Yrs. Her Meds Are Diovan 80 Mg Bid With Parameters For The 2nd Dosage, And Xanax 1mg Tid Which Does Not Make Her The Least Bit Tired, They Tried Several Sleeping Pills Most Either Didn' Work Or Had A Side Effect. Please Any Info Is Helpful As Me Being A Nurse And A Daughter Just Want To Deny What I'm Thinking (cancer)!!!!!!!!!????????????
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    I can understand your fear and frustration. Please have you mother contact her surgeon and/or her primary health care provider. She needs to resolve this issue of the chart and ascertain if, indeed, it was her chart or someone else.

    We wish her well and hope things greatly improve for her.