Abnormal Hormone Levels

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    Just wondering if anyone could give ideas about what condition(s) would cause these hormones to be abnormal. I am stumped along with the MDs. I am not asking for medical advice. I have a patient I am trying to help. Any suggestions will be given to MD, and they will decide what to do.

    Female patient with:
    1.) Low testosterone for age.
    2.) Low DHEA-S for age.
    3.) High cortisol for age.
    4.) Thyroid normal.
    5.) New onset diabetes with little-to-no risk factors.


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    Diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes?

    Cortisol inhibiits insulin sensitivity, which is what Type 2 Diabetes is.

    Only about a third of Type 1 Diabetics have family history of the disease. Type 2 Diabetes has a stronger genetic link, but a percentage of people develop it without family history. And about 20% of people who develop Type 2 are not overweight.
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    Was she tested for Cushing's Disease? She may have a pituitary or adrenal tumor
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    obese? Sounds like they are trying to rule out metabolic issues, but not sure if a decision can be made from the information provided
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    Well, more information would be helpful, but just based on info given, a 24 hour urine cortisol and/or 8am cortisol draw to rule out/explore Cushing's would not be unreasonable.

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