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what to expect to work in a forensic group home

  1. 0 I'm a new grad and having a hard time to find a FT job. There is a local job opportunity opened up for me in a forensic group home. I was told the men there have committed crime but not in jail because their mental issues.

    Just wondering what nursing responsibility will be in such a group home? I feel like I might need to act like a guard rather than a nurse. Is there safe issues I need to worry about?

    thanks for any replies.
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    Is this place for the State? Or private sector? You will most likely be giving meds, charting on aggressive behaviors, not sure If you will be having direct care( monitoring them shave and shower) attending interdisciplinary meetings, reordering meds when they run low.
    The job description depends on the shift you work. There are some safety issues because these men may display any kind of inappropriate behavior, at any time and your reaction could make the difference between a good night and a bad night ( behavior wise). This type of client is also preadatory, and if they sense weakness they will take advantage of that.