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What's your pay and where are you located? I was offered 27 per hour in CT... Read More

  1. by   angelhearty15
    Quote from zakchk
    I work for PJW Nursing Consultants and i love it. Best boss ever. Its the best job Ive ever had. The hours are flexible, the pay is good..they are awesome

    How's the pay if I may ask? Above $30/hr? are you full time and how long have you been there? looking to apply. Thank you in advance.
  2. by   zakchk
    It depends on what your experience is and how long you have been an RN
  3. by   dianajh73
    I cover 4 ICF homes (total 24 clients) taking all calls 24hrs during the week, developing plans, doing assessments, checking meds and certifying passers among other things.

    In the Central Valley California area, pay is $35/hr.
    With a Masters and because I cover a geographic area that they had difficulty hiring in, I negotiated $37.50/hr (sign of their desperation, rather than any keen negotiating skills on my part) but with the understanding that this company absolutely does not do raises.
  4. by   angelhearty15
    Thank you for the reply. I passed up on PJW. I was only offered $31 with no benefits. Need benefits.